Ayurvedic Treatments

These unique ayurvedic body treatments go beyond Western massage, which focuses primarily on relaxing tense muscles. Instead, the mind is calmed through treatments using customized herbal oils called "sneha," a Sanskrit word that means "love." 

May the supreme Soma, the eternal and universal energy of peace, bliss and delight, flow both within and around you for the benefit of all!
— Dr. David Frawley


According to ayurveda, the skin is a detox channel and the massage oil is the medium through which healing herbs are absorbed into the body and toxins are expelled. Anointing the body with nourishing herbs and oil helps replenish the nervous system, feed the muscles and body tissues. Be nourished through any of these unique offerings.  Read More....


Combining two or three treatments in one session provide you a moment to pause from the world.  After a short consult together, I will make suggestions for which treatments that are most beneficial to you—therapeutic (pain relieving), relaxing, nourishing or detoxing.  Read More...


There is strength in numbers! Bundle together several personalized treatments and take advantage of healthy discounts! The routine you create will restore balance, re-establish calm, release toxins, and rejuvenate your life. During a free 15-minute consultation, we will create a routine adapted to your individual needs or desires.


I felt calm and peaceful during and after my treatment. Kamala cares for her clients in such a nurturing way and it makes the experience so enjoyable.
— Jillian, Mamaste Yoga Teacher

Request a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and how we can work together to craft a package that nourishes you through life.