Transitional Doula

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Longevity is not merely the quantity of your lifespan that matters but the joy, freedom, love and awareness that we can experience along the way.
— Dr. David Frawley

The Beauty of the In Between

While transitions such as a new job, moving, divorce, loss, providing care for aging parents, or other temporary crises are a natural part of life, they can also be overwhelming and stressful. On the other hand, these transitions also hold moments of sweetness and provide space to look more deeply, answer life questions, and find simplicity and pleasure.

You don’t have to traverse these transitions alone or feel like a burden to friends or family. As your doula, I am there to help. I am that much-needed second set of hands that can provide nourishment and hold space.


When space is held and nourishment is abundant, the mental, emotional and physical aspects of life are allowed to completely relax. Through this relaxation there is an ability to be more fully present for the demands and rewards of change.



What is Nourishing?

Nourishing the body is an inner and outer experience. I'll work to delicately support you by providing bodywork, carefully prepared meals, and ideas on how to develop new, healthy routines while you navigate these transitional times.

Free Consultation

Whether you choose a series of single treatments or a block of time, you will be supported and nourished through the transition. We can create a program that fits with your desires.