Soma: The Nectar of Life

Soma (water, bliss, immortality) is a Vedic principle that means "pure delight." Its practice is what makes life sweet, blissful, and enriched. Soma Doula's purpose is to provide deep and abiding nourishment through times of transition so that you can find strength, contentment, and peace.

Soma pervades the outer world as water in its various forms on the Earth and in the sky, as the sap of plants, the vital fluids in animals, the moon, and even the waters (vibratory field) of space. Soma exists inside ourselves as a psychological principle of feeling, love, and inspiration, including as our creativity that we manifest in diverse forms.
— Dr. David Frawley

The Importance of Soma

Change is stressful. It is fiery and very often upsetting. Soma is the cooling balance to change and it's principles are particularly important to focus on in times of transition. Without this balancing focus—building strength, restoring energy, nurturing your body and mind—the stresses of change can leave you bitter, burned out, depleted, and despondent.

When all the senses are properly nourished, the experience of soma can begin to open the path to health, well-being, and peace, all of which give you the strength to adapt more easily to change. When your mind is truly rested, you are free to concentrate on the soma, the sweet nectar of life—those things that deeply inspire you and lead you down the path of comfort and contentment.

Soma Doula incorporates many elements designed to bring balance in times of change, including:

  • Rejuvenating foods, beverages and herbs that can revitalize the body, brain and nervous system.

  • Breathing practices that can revitalize and balance energy.

  • Meditations that return balance and relaxation.

  • Customized herbal treatments to calm and rejuvenate.