Meet Kamala

My service in this life is to offer nourishment through actions that create beauty, instill a sense of calm and facilitate relaxation. 


Over the past 20 years, I have slowly uncovered my true essence and created a peaceful Ayurvedic lifestyle through study and practice of yoga, ayurveda and tantra. It wasn't easy. This journey was thoroughly tested and shaped through my personal experiences of childbirth and death, marriage and divorce, grief and depression, anxiety and PTSD, and the upheaval caused by many moves across the U.S.

My true dharma was revealed through the loving guidance of my teacher, Chinnamasta, during a recent two and a half-year ayurvedic lifestyle immersive apprenticeship and five-year ayurvedic mentorship program. Additional studies include the IYT Yoga Therapist program, Dr. Frawley's Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant (ongoing), End of Life Doula (ongoing), and Licensed Massage Therapist. 

Through a life of careers and passions—as an aviator, FAA mechanic, documentary filmmaker, Alaska wilderness restaurateur, training manager, facilitator, tourism experience designer, church board member, spiritual aspirant, and community volunteer—I've come to a place where my greatest joy and fulfillment comes through service to those who are going through life transitions. I can see how my life's path has led me here, how all of my experiences have enriched my life and prepared me for this purpose. 

Soma pervades the outer world as water in its various forms on the earth and in the sky, as the sap of plants, the vital fluids in animals, the Moon, and even the waters (vibratory field) of space. Soma exists inside ourselves as a psychological principle of feeling, love and inspiration, including as our creativity that we manifest in diverse forms.
— Dr. David Frawley



Soma is the cooling, nourishing balance to the fiery, stressful effects that can occur with change. It is in the moments of life's transitions that clarity and deep peace can more easily arise when properly nourished or left unattended leave us bitter or depleted. Soma (water, bliss, immortality) is a Vedic spiritual principle of the ‘pure delight’ that we are truly seeking in all that we pursue. The experience of Soma begins in the body by nourishing the senses, leaving you feeling rejuvenated on the path to health and well being. Next, contentment and peace arise so the mind is rested and free to concentrate on the nectar of bliss, or deep peace, and free to connect in with your deeper inspirations. It is through the simple practices of yoga and ayurveda that we gain access to our Soma allowing us to present.