Single & Combination Treatments

In ayurveda, the treatment as well as deep rest after are equally important for healing and proper functioning of the immune system. To maximize the benefits, plan to treat yourself to a few hours of quiet time (i.e., no electronics, reading, conversations, etc.) after your treatment. Each session's schedule includes time at the end so that you may fully absorb the experience.


FULL BODY – ABHYANGA | 90 min* | $95
Indian full body massage melts away muscle tension and liquefies toxins with the traditional anointment of warm herb-infused personalized oils that penetrate deeply to bring true balance to the body, mind, and senses. This relaxing, vitalizing, harmonizing, massage is adapted to your individual needs. *including 15 min rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

In this nurturing back treatment, warm medicated herbal oil is used to nourish the muscles and ligaments that support the spine, lubricate the joints, and relieve back pain and upper body tension.*including 15 min rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

FOOT MASSAGE – MARMA KANSU | 60 min* | $65
This unique foot massage utilizes a copper bowl and ghee (clarified butter). First the feet are prepared with a stimulating marma pressure massage. The bowl is then used in soft and vigorous movements that result in release and relaxation. This deeply grounding massage also helps to alleviate eye soreness and insomnia as well as resolve any vata imbalances while balancing pitta. *including 15 min rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

A truly blissful experience dedicated to instilling peace-of-mind, this calming and renewing facial uses ayurvedic oils for your skin type and gentle massage on the face, neck, arms, and shoulders. This facial does not involve extractions but focuses on rejuvenation and nourishment of your most vital organ instead. *including 15 min rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

OPENING THE SINUS – NASYA | 60 min* | $65
Traditionally one of the five pancha karma treatments, this treatment results in opening up of the sinuses for clarity of mind and peace. The treatment, which is particularly effective in alleviating mucus congestion in the head/throat, starts with a swedana (steaming) of the face/nose with herbs and steam, after which you receive a marma nose/face/neck massage with a special oil to open up all the specific points that cause congestion. This massage is deeply relaxing. This treatment is best combined with an abhyanga. *including 15 min rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

Bathe the head in herbal oil adapted to your constitution in a deeply relaxing head, neck and upper back massage. Enhance your energy, moving it in a downward direction, while accessing the many marma points considered to be very important in ayurveda. This head massage provides the added benefits of releasing tension, banishing headaches, and bringing vata into balance. *including 15 min rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

Reconnect to the belly in this purifying and toning massage. Nabhi Abhyanga stimulates our inner digestive fire, toning the abdominal organs and strengthening the abdominal muscles. This non-invasive treatment helps the detoxification process and treatment of digestive disorders through stimulating the marma points. This treatment is best combined with other treatments, after consultation. *including 15 min rest and transition. Book this session online now.

SKIN & LYMPHATIC DRAIN (Udvartana) | 75 min* | $155

Udvartana is a deeply penetrating lymphatic treatment. There is a warm herbal paste application to the skin and it is deeply cleansing. The session finishes with a hot towel wipe down, after which you will be escorted to the shower to rinse off the remaining powder. *including 15 min transition (rest, hydrate and dress). Book this session online now. 


RADIANT BLISS | 2.5* | $145
Combine ShiroChampi (head massage) or Kansu (foot massage) with an Ahbyanga (full body massage) treatment. Perfect to calm the nervous system and deeply balance vata. * *Including 30 min for rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

SEASONAL CARE | 2 hour* | $95
Move accumulated congestion and toxins from the lymphatic system. Combine Kansu (foot massage) and Nasya (opening the nasal passages) with a cleansing breath practice. *Including 30 min for rest and transition. Book this session online now. 

DESIGN YOUR OWN | 2.5 hour* | Discounted Rate
Combine two or three treatments and receive a discounted rate. We will meet for a short interview prior to the treatments to uncover the best two options. *Including 30 min for rest and transition. Book this session online now.