Postpartum Doula


My Role

The first six weeks postpartum are the most sacred time for you and your baby, a time for you to bond and settle in to life together in this new chapter. As your doula, I ease this transition by providing fresh, homemade organic meals that support digestive health for mom and baby, special ayurvedic body treatments, and space so you can rest and rejuvenate. I can also help with the household chores such as light housekeeping, laundry, and food shopping.

If needed, I provide referrals for services such as lactation consultants, diaper services, and medical providers to round out your support team.



Designing Your Support

1) Initial Consultation. We will work together to craft a plan to guide you after the baby arrives. In this consult, I uncover family goals and lifestyle values, review nourishing menus and assess your household's needs. I'll do a quick pantry and house assessment to ensure you're prepared and have everything needed once the baby arrives. Because I know your new life can be unpredictable, this guide will be adjusted to meet the changing needs of you and your family.

2) Customized Treatments. As the new rhythms emerge in your schedule, I will provide customized body treatments along with organic ayurvedic oils for you and baby.

3) Home Care/Personal Chef. It is especially important, during this time, to eat easily digestible foods. The meals and herbal drinks I prepare for you will be tailored for the changes occurring in your body to focus on promoting healing, boosting your immune system, and improving your milk supply. 

Kamala has a genuine one-in-a-million gift to be able to perceive and enter into the sacred space that naturally occurs when a new life has been born. Without discussion, Kamala read my little family life and my home and was able to create a path of light, order and resonant beauty wherever was in our home. My bedroom was a private chamber for nursing and sleeping and I would stumble into the kitchen to find it clear and calm, with mountains of the most divine food I have ever been party to. Sometimes I needed to sleep more than I needed to talk, and sometimes I was so glad to have a human to talk to, and Kamala always was there for me to be how I was. It was the most beautiful month of my life to be guarded and nurtured and tended to by her. What a beginning of a life for a baby and a mother who is grounded and calm and sweet and juicy.
— -Charlotte, Mother of 3

Ayurvedic Baby Shower

Help your support circle learn how to ideally serve you in this delicate window. Add me to your next baby shower or call to set up a group coaching session where I can walk them through the process of meal preparation, customized menu planning, and with the use of technology, how to create a timely meal delivery schedule.

Free Consultation

Whether you choose a series of single treatments, the traditional Six-Week Ayurvedic Program, or kitchen coaching, you will be nourished back to glowing health.