Special Events

Photo by TeerawatWinyarat/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by TeerawatWinyarat/iStock / Getty Images

It is of great honor to offer a variety of unique services for group settings, celebrations, to enhance the wellness and delight in community. 

It was such a wonderful experience having Kamala at our retreat this past fall and know the women truly benefited from and cherished their services.
— Amanda, Integrative Wellness Retreat

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Photo by beckyjenson/iStock / Getty Images

Ayurvedic Baby Shower: Delicious, Educational & Game-Free!

Here's an idea: Instead of playing games at your next baby shower, why not treat your friends to a truly illuminating event? My Ayurvedic Baby Shower is designed to teach friends of the new-mom-to-be how to best support her once the baby arrives. The shower can include a hands-on cooking demo, which teaches simple preparations designed to especially nourish new mothers; a full ayurvedic meal (or an array of nourishing snacks and beverages); simple breath meditations for new moms and caregivers; a tutorial on ayurveda basics; a how-to demonstration on self-massage for mom and baby; and more! In our initial planning session, we'll discuss what's right for you and your group of friends. 

As a rule, these shindigs last three to four hours: enough time for an activity, opening presents, and a chance to eat. The activity would last about an hour, and whatever we make can be a takeaway gift for the guests.

You can also hire me to help you and your closest friends develop a customized meal plan to uniquely support you for the first 40 days of postpartum. My Postpartum Meal Delivery Planning Service helps your friends provide the nourishing foods you need and ensures that no more casseroles will show up when you're resting.

Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images

Ayurveda Yoga Vinyasa + Chai Workshop

In this three hour workshop, we will explore the ayurvedic approach to creating a personal yoga practice. Learn a series of ayurvedic vinyasa sequences that helps you align with the seasons. During this workshop you can uncover your predominant constitutional quality, and how to adapt your current imbalance so that you are better able to adapt to the ever changing influences of life. Following the yoga practice, sip chai and chat about ayurveda and daily routines that root your lifestyle in connection, health and seasonal balance. All experience levels welcome!

“Kamala, .xxxx"
—Todd. Oklahoma City

Exclusive Ayurvedic Bodywork | Retreats, Seminars, Events

I am available to travel worldwide for corporate, seminar, and retreat events to enhance the well-being of your participants. Depending upon your needs and desires, I can tailor these events to meet your vision. In addition to ayurvedic bodywork treatment offerings, packages can include unique demonstrations, group ayurvedic vinyasa's classes, mini-workshops and unique takeaways for your guests.

Request a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and how we can work together to craft an event that nourishes and balances your guests.