Support & Care

It can be consuming to be someone's aide during this time and these tasks often fall on the family, leaving the whole experience feeling more like an ordeal than a sacred transition of life. At times families fall apart for many reasons during loved ones transition and believe it could be much better if someone could come along and help out, freeing the family to focus on the very important matters of the heart and soul.

I have special experiences in death and life that make me both sensitive and capable to the support your family's needs. I believe it requires both fluidity, loving patience and presence, while listening carefully and recognizing what is needed from others. While I have knowledge and experience with many religions, as a doula I hold a neutral and loving space for all spiritual belief systems and honor your practices.



What If Someone Could Help?

My role is to aid with the comfort of the family and help in any way needed in the transition from life to death,to be there to help you do what you want to do. This includes other caregivers, who can need a person who cares and listens. Also, supplementing the work of the hospice staff, who are trained to recognize the signs of approaching death and how to ease the stress and anxiety of hospice patients and their families. Additionally, to coordinate with other end of life practitioners to support with cycles unfinished, (i.e. forgiveness work, contacting a particular person or writing a life story). My focus, in the team, is on a peaceful setting (including creating a tranquil environment, lighting candles, fragrance, music – anything that comforts), and the much needed reprieve of mundane tasks (shopping, cleaning), while being nourished with organic, handmade meals, kind touch, or comforting Ayurvedic body treatment.


Bereavement is an integral and universal part of our experience of love. It is not the truncation of the process but one of its phases; not the interruption of the dance, but the next figure.
— C.S. Lewis


Expectations around grief, some of the most excruciating pain, are often unrealistic. There are moments that all you want to do is tune out the world and hide under the covers and never leave the house again. I respect your personal expression of loss as each experience of grief is unique, just as each love experience is unique.  Dr. Shears tells us, "Part of losing someone very close, is that that we lose our sense of identity. Part of grieving is regaining it". My role is to offer a small quiet window of respite from from the day-to-day tasks, while nourishing the five senses so you may slowly regain your sense of identity with the support of family, friends and other caregivers.

Free Consultation

It's your delicate journey, whether you are the one making the transition or the one aiding. We will uncover what best suites your families needs during a consultation and consider what is appropriate from diagnosis through death and beyond. I can provide a seamless service (1/2 or full day), to include preparing nourishing handmade meals or your favorite recipes, Ayurvedic treatments for both the sick and their loved one's, providing emotional support, light household chores, to running applicable errands to offer a reprieve from the daily burdens. I’m available to help with companionship, facilitation, and as a supportive ear if all you need is to talk.