Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Nourishing the body is an inner and outer experience that brings wellbeing, clarity of mind and longevity. My role is to help you on the path back to your beautiful life's expression using the tools of yoga and ayurveda so you may learn to create a balanced diet and daily routine in harmony with the seasons and your personal constitution. You will learn to build an integrated lifestyle that fosters vitality and longevity through the many seasons of your life.

Doing ayurveda does not require conquering complicated Sanskrit terms, memorizing mantras, mastering body contractions, or struggling with religious beliefs. It requires nothing except that you commit your time and energy to your own supreme well-being. What is more it asks that you do this in as relaxed a manner as you like, step by baby step—a simple, friendly and, yes, fun way to be nourished and healthy.



I combine the practices of personalized yoga, nourishing food, and ayurvedic body treatments to develop a holistic program that allows you to experience, first-hand, the healthy effects of an integrated ayurvedic lifestyle. Together, we will assess your current needs to create a plan that brings gentleness, peace, balance, and relief into your daily life.

Join me at my facility and experience a combination of yoga and body treatments. I'll also serve you a nourishing meal, teach you how to cook nourishing meals for yourself, and send you home with new skills to practice in your own kitchen. Book this session online.



Discover how to eat in accordance with your constitution so that you balance your metabolism, enhance your digestive strength, reduce cravings, and restore satiety and contentment. I will show you how to prepare the special rejuvenating foods, beverages and herbs ideally suited to revitalize your body, brain and nervous system. I can come to your home, as a personal chef, so you can be nourished through the ayurvedic lifestyle approach. Or, we can prepare nourishing meals together so you can gain confidence in menu planning and preparation, taking home new skills to create meals designed specially for your body. Through personal daily nourishment, your life will be filled with love.  Book this session online. 


Whether you're new to yoga or already have an established practice, I can help you deepen your personal connection to conscious movement, breathing, and meditation for your unique body type. I will provide guidance to help you meet your wellness goals as well as seek to enhance your ability to focus, concentrate, gain flexibility, strength, good muscle tone, bone strength, and body awareness, all while reducing tension and stress to build a sense of steadiness and stability. Book this session online.

Request a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and how we can work together to craft a package that nourishes and balances you.